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Our online safety programS ARE cost effective wayS to implement and conveniently run your entire TRUCKING safety program.

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  • Online 24/7 for employee convenience
  • Cost less than trying to maintain your own Safety Dept.
  • safety-signWe handle all training, materials, videos, tests, and we even issue your employees a certificate of completion.
  • You can check each employees status, grades, and participation at a glance
  • You can even download a .pdf “hardcopy” of every employees test, but why waste the filling space? We’ll keep track of them for you, and send you graphs of all employee participation.
  • You can enroll for a fraction of what you will save in insurance premiums.

Our program is available 24/7 and can be accessed from computer, ipad, or even smart phone. Don’t take time out of your busy day or even stop production just to have a safety meeting. Don’t pay your employees overtime to come in on their day off for a mandatory safety meeting. Put the ball back in the employees court with convenient online safety classes today!

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